If you own a point of sale system (POS), LCD Monitor, laptop computer, LCD touch monitor, all in one touchscreen PC, handheld computer, notebook PC, tablet computer, GPS navigation system, PDA, smart phone, ultra mobile personal computer (UMPC), industrial touch panel, or any other electronic device with an LCD display, then you already know how important the display or touchscreen is. Without the LCD or touchscreen, it becomes virtually impossible to use the device. However, the display is also a very delicate instrument, susceptible to scratches, gouges, dirt, dust, grease, oil, and wear and tear due to normal use – all of which can render the touchscreen or LCD display inoperable.

Protek offers the solution – a custom-fit, ultra-thin, long lasting Screen Protector for touch screens and non-touch LCD displays! These patented Protectors are made of durable, thin material, yet are stiff enough to stay flat on the display without warping during use. They install easily and leave absolutely NO AIR BUBBLES between the film and the display. You won’t even notice that it’s there! In addition, our Screen Protectors provide a pleasant-feeling touch surface, reduced glare, and can be easily removed from both touch screens and LCD displays without leaving any kind of residue.

We have Screen Protectors for your Touchscreen POS, Mobile Tablet PC Computer, Ultra Mobile Personal Computer (UMPC), All in One Touchscreen PC, Notebook or Laptop computer, and any other touch screen display device or non-touch LCD display, as well as antimicrobial films which inhibit the growth of bacteria and mold and antireflective films for outdoor usage. Save time, trouble, and money. Protect your expensive touchscreen or LCD display with a Protek screen protector today!