Exact Fit

Protek screen protectors are cut specifically for each device. Our screen protectors are designed to cover the maximum flat surface and not just the screen area.

No Residue

Protek screen protectors will not leave a sticky reside when removed. Our screen protectors do not use glue, but instead adhere to the screen by static.

Wide Selection

Protek offers a wide selection of screen protectors for electronic equipment including cell phones, tablets, digital cameras, and pos devices. In addition to our popular Ultra Clear and Anti-Glare finishes, we also offer Privacy and Mirror screen protectors.

Fast Installation

Protek screen protectors are easy to install. Once positioned in place, the screen protector will automatically adhere by static. Please note that the screen protector must be applied to a clean surface. Any small bubbles will go away within 48 hours.

Scratch Resistant

Protek screen protectors have special scratch resistant coating under the surface that protects it from everyday wear and tear.

Color Enhancement

Protek screen protectors are made of optical graded PET film which enhances color and provides a sharper view. The optical graded PET film has a higher light transmittance than normal grade PET film.

Low Cost Lifetime Replacements

Whether you suffered an anxiety-filled installation fail, or experienced some wear and tear on your screen protector, you can take advantage of our low cost replacements.